Shipping of liquid cargo in tank-containers and flexitanks is a regular practice. This kind of transportation gives the possibility to ship more cargo than in any other kind of packing, that is why it is commercially more profitable.

Formag is an agent of the British company Bulkhaul which is specialized in providing special equipment, such as T11 and T14 tank-containers. These types of tank-containers are used for hazardous liquids and equipped with a layer of thermal insulation and steam heating.


  • special equipment – watertight multiwall bag of 21-25,000 liters in the volume to transport the liquid freights;
  • before the loading, it is installed in the standard 20’ container and is filled with the product by means of pumps;
  • the standard weight is up to 24-25 tons, in order not to exceed the permitted pressure on the sidewalls of the 20’ container;
  • applicable EXCLUSIVELY for NOT HAZARDOUS freights,
  • disposable and is delivered in one end. After the unloading, it can be rolled up easily and utilized. While empty and rolled up, it occupies 0.25 m3 and weighs 60 kg;
  • our flexitanks are of high quality, certified and insured in the EU, as well as accepted for the use by the most part of the leading world’s factories;
  • in case of necessity, the flexitanks can be heated up during the loading by means of special cushion installed below the flexitank, which is filled with the hot water or steam. It allows adding the heat to the product at the level of +3/+4 degrees Celsius to the initial temperature.


  • container capacity is 21-25,000 liters (20’) or 31,000 liters (23’); 
  • the weight of the product depends on its specific gravity (the attitude of the weight towards its density = kg per liter);
  • must be filled at least at 80% according to the safety precautions;
  • applicable for both safe and hazardous cargo;
  • equipped with the system of the steam warm-up (in ports and during the unload).